Why You Should (and Can) Be Rich




Not a book for those looking for a new and better get-rich-quick scheme, but an ideal read and guide for those who desire to create wealth, are determined to succeed and are disciplined enough to rise above the status quo.
Prescription For Wealth provides a simple and time proven way to personally free yourself from the power of those who control the wealth of the world even in these times of financial uncertainty.
"Prescription for Wealth is a MUST-READ book for everyone no matter what age. The earlier in your life you read this, the better. After years of frustration with banks getting the best of me and my family for decades, I read this book and it changed my view of banking forever! In a very quick read, you will gain insights and wisdom that will save you millions over generations and make your family millions if you implement what you read. Get this book, read it and then implement what you read!" -Timothy Feuling, Publisher of Chiropractic Success Magazine

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